UPDATE (July 28th @ 6:00am): Inconsistent with the plain language of the ECENC law, the Director of the SC Department of Revenue has taken the legal position that donations in excess of $8 million risk not being approved. This effectively ends the fundraising phase of the program for our children with “special needs”.

THANK YOU DONORS!!!  $8 million was raised in an estimated record of 3 weeks this year. (It took 11 months to reach the cap last year.) Donor support for Palmetto Kids FIRST and our mission has been overwhelming. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  – 2015 results coming soon – 

Palmetto Kids FIRST Donor Thank You

Palmetto Kids FIRST is South Carolina’s only independent and non-partisan Scholarship Funding Organization. In 2014, together we raised approximately $12 million from 575 individual donors ranging from $100 to $2.75 MILLION each. In 2014 we allocated over $11 million dollars of K-12 scholarships to eligible “special needs” children – that was nearly 1,500 scholarships at 43 schools all across SC (and issuing more everyday)!!!  Together we are “changing lives”.

Any questions, please contact Palmetto Kids FIRST at info@palmettokidsFIRST.org or call us anytime at 843-501-1842 (office).