Palmetto Kids FIRST is South Carolina’s only independent and non-partisan Scholarship Funding Organization.  Since 1/1/2014, together we have raised approximately $12 million from 575 individual donors ranging from $100 to $2.75 MILLION each.  In just 11 months we have allocated over $11 million dollars of K-12 scholarships to eligible “special needs” children – that is nearly 1,500 scholarships at 43 schools all across SC (and issuing more everyday)!!!  Together we are “changing lives”, but we need your help.  (See our “Grassroots Campaign” to the right!!!)        PLEASE JOIN OUR CAUSE!!!

All 2014 credits have been claimed:  As of 11/12/2014, ALL 2014 SC educational tax credits have been claimed. Palmetto Kids FIRST raised approximately $12 million of the $14 million of tax credits claimed.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

2015 Educational Tax Credits:  Please sign up for our DONOR newsletter for updates and to “get in line” for our 2015 tax credits. We will be working with the SC legislature to continue the program and expect new credits to be available July 1, 2015.  2015 donors stay tuned and sign up by clicking HERE.

2014 Tax Filing Guidance:  We will be posting tax filing guidance as soon at the SC Department of Revenue issues the 2014 tax return forms (expected no later than January 2015).

Any questions, please contact Palmetto Kids FIRST at info@palmettokidsFIRST.org or call us anytime at 843-501-1842 (office).

For a copy of the 2014 Pledge Form & TC-57A, click HERE.