UPDATE (July 1 @10:56am):  SC Department of Revenue has CERTIFIED us as an approved SFO.  We can accept donations / stock transfers NOW!!!

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2015-07-01 - Donate Today

Palmetto Kids FIRST is South Carolina’s only independent and non-partisan Scholarship Funding Organization.  Since 1/1/2014, together we have raised approximately $12 million from 575 individual donors ranging from $100 to $2.75 MILLION each. In just 11 months we have allocated over $11 million dollars of K-12 scholarships to eligible “special needs” children – that is nearly 1,500 scholarships at 43 schools all across SC (and issuing more everyday)!!!  Together we are “changing lives”, but we need your help.  DONATE DAY #1!!!  

Any questions, please contact Palmetto Kids FIRST at info@palmettokidsFIRST.org or call us anytime at 843-501-1842 (office).